Enter office 365 product key

Enter office 365 product key

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enter office 365 product key


enter office 365 product key


First of all we need to open the website setup.office.com or www.office.com/setup , although i am going to show it step by step –

  1. Open a browser in your computer , and on the URL box type www.office.com/setup

office.com/setup at url box

2- Now you will get a screen like below-


3- Now if you have a Microsoft account login with that . And if do not have a Microsoft account yet , First of all create it.


4- When you done with login as a result you will get this page .Here you can put the product key

and just after that you need to select your country and language

product key example


5- Finally , you have the install screen , looks like below image


6- Now you are almost complete , click on install then on the bottom side of your computer              screen , you have options like save , run and cancel

  • if you have run click on it .
  • Probably you do not have the run option then click on Save instead. After that you need to run the program.


7- Finally if you clicked on run , you have the below  screen on the computer-

yes , finally we are done with the steps . We need to wait as office takes some to install .Due to internet speed the installation time may vary in user’s computer.


8- When we have this screen showing below that means we are done

Now click start , then go to all apps . There you will find all of your office software i.e. Microsoft word , powerpoint , excel , one note . Call technical support in case of difficulties during the setup.