I have kaspersky activation code

I have kaspersky activation code

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i have kaspersky activation code

Steps to install , if you have a kaspersky activation code :-

  • First of all make sure that the system date is set correctly on your computer. If the system date is incorrect, set it correctly.
  • Enter the activation code into the corresponding field in the Activation window.Please note that the code only contains Latin letters and numbers.
  • If you cannot find the Activation window or if you closed the application after installing it, run Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016
  • And click the link Enter activation code in the lower-right part of the main window.
  • Click Activate.
  • Finally , In a the window with the Activation completed successfully notification, click Finish.
  • Save your activation code in a secure place (for example, using the My Kaspersky service)

may be you are not able to find the right place you can talk to an online support representative.


Kaspersky features

Web and email security

and in addition ,you will get an extension for safe surfing

most noteworthy Virus, spyware and malware protection


Kaspersky products


  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • also Kaspersky Internet Security
  • And Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Free
  • we provide almost all Products


(26-999 EMPLOYEES)

either call technical support at 1-833-274-7842  or follow the instructions.This is a 24/7 helpline for an independent technical support.

How to install and activate the product on multiple computers

  • almost every copy of a multiple-device license of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 (for example, a 3 PCs license) is installed and activated in the same way on all computers, which you want to protect.
  • in conclusion to activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 on all computers, use one and the same activation code you purchased.

when i have a kaspersky activation

Now completely solved.


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